Welcome to Moldovacc.


The purpose of Moldova vACC is to provide regular, high quality ATC in
The Republic of Moldova on the VATSIM Network. Moldova vACC shall
strive to be the most professional and dedicated vACC on the VATSIM
Network, providing high quality ATC Training and assisting pilots on
VATSIM. Moldova vACC aims for realism whilst still acknowledging that
VATSIM is a virtual network and we aim to help those whom are new
and “learning their way” so to say.

vACC Moldova – is one of the divisions of air traffic simulation network VATSIM. We gladly provide air traffic in the Moldavian virtual sky. Doing our job we aspire to maximum realism of flights and air traffic service, but in the same time having pleasure. If you have a desire and ready to make efforts to become ATC in Moldova, you can join one of the most powerful ATC groups in Europe! And virtual airlines will warmly welcome you! Our web-site gives you everything you need to get closer to the sky……

Requirements for skills and knowledge Politics vACC Moldova with respect to knowledge and skills of managers required to obtain a certain rating, and also the very process of examinations based on the general policy of the VATSIM network, taking into account the features vACC Moldova.

VATSIM policy outlined in the document “The general policy in respect of dispatchingVATSIM ratings (English).”Requirements for traffic control ratings(competencies of managers) are described in Appendix A (rus) to the “general policiesin respect of dispatching VATSIM rating.

Requirements for skills and knowledge to each dispatch rated vACC in Moldova, along with links to the required documents are included on separate pages according to therating.

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